Two couples doing sunset engagement pictures at the Myrtle Beach State Park

I recently had some nice-looking and fun couples for engagement pictures at Myrtle Beach State Park. I’ve wanted to put up a new blog post for a while, but I don’t have time right now to post many pictures. I just made a quick post from two of my sessions below. This time of the year, I like how the sun hits the sea oats in this one place at the State Park. Some spots in the winter look cool but don’t work in the summer because of the sun’s direction and vice versa. I never thought about in the past how much the sunset direction changes from summer to winter until I started doing photography.

Also, I went away for two days and did some hiking in the mountains. When I get time, I’ll post some of my GoPro footage, time-lapse, and panoramas I shot with my Olympus OM-D. I did a 6-mile hike to one of the best views I’ve ever seen. I’ll post some pictures soon. I better stop writing about things and get back to work. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures below. Please comment below the pictures if you do!

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