Highlights from the first half of May 2011

This is such a busy time of the year I can’t really post about each wedding on my blog, I just don’t have time.  But I wanted to highlight a few pictures from the last couple of weeks.  One was a wedding in Andrews, SC, of the same bride featured in my previous blog post.  I’ve also included a few family and engagement portraits from Myrtle Beach State Park.  I discovered a new spot for pictures I really like at the park, at least the way the light is now.  It’s the drainage area for land runoff into the ocean.  You don’t want to get in that water, but it makes a great background at sunset.

Another thing I’ve done at my last couple of weddings is display pictures from the ceremony on my iPad.  When I get a chance at the reception, I will load a few pictures from earlier in the day and put them up in a slideshow.  This seems to go over really well. There was almost always a small group around the iPad looking at the pictures.  I’m going to try and start doing this from now on.

Another fun thing I’ve been doing, which I will have more pictures of, later on, is working with the latest Pocket Wizard wireless flash triggers.  I’ve been good at seeing great light and using it for a long time.  But now I’m trying to improve at making good light myself, even under bad conditions, using multiple flashes.  The http://www.strobist.blogspot.com/ website is a great resource for really learning advanced flash techniques if you want to learn more.  I hope you enjoy some of the pictures below.

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