Wedding reception at the Conway River Walk

I had a fun wedding reception a couple of weeks ago in the Conway River Walk area, specifically at the Peanut Warehouse.  The Conway area is a small historic town about 20 minutes away from Myrtle Beach.  Conway has a really pretty area on the river, with some nearby railroad tracks that are no longer used, which makes for a great photo location.  This couple already had their wedding ceremony in Italy. They were having a second reception for the family and friends that were not able to make the trip.  I wouldn’t normally want just to photograph a reception only, but this couple had me do bridal and couple pictures before the reception.  It was pretty much what I would do for any wedding except for the actual ceremony itself.  I know my pictures can’t quite compete with the beautiful location they had for their wedding.

This was a lot of fun because the bride was not worried about her dress, and we had lots of extra time for pictures of her and the couple, a lot more time than I would typically have at a wedding.  Everyone was relaxed as well.  The couple even ventured out pretty far on the railroad tracks to a little bridge overlooking the water.  I was surprised they were willing to do so much because the tracks are challenging to walk on.  I’m always up for anything, so if any adventurous couples want to try something different, please let me know.

The only problem with the pictures is it was a very overcast evening, which can be nice, but it was making for some flat and dull light. I’ve been experimenting increasingly with using off-camera flash aided by the new Pocket Wizards.  I tried in a few shots to get some flash on a light stand behind the subject to simulate sunlight hitting from behind.  I also used a second flash at the reception to give some more interesting lighting.  If you enjoy these pictures or have any comments about them, please let me know below.

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing them, if you get a pretty sunset I think it would really be great. I'd like to get some clients over to that area for engagement pictures, but everyone wants to go to the beach around here.


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