Wedding at Embassy Suites, Kingston Plantation

I had another wedding at Kingston Plantation up in North Myrtle Beach this past weekend.  Everything went really smoothly. I think it was the largest wedding party I’ve ever had.  I actually just looked at one of the pictures again to count, it looks like 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen.  I had to do one shot during the wedding ceremony where I combined three different pictures into a panorama to get the entire wedding party without seeing the backs of the audience.  Photoshop is amazing for stitching panoramas like that.  One of my favorite shots below was the party pretending to play football, they were all big football fans.  I’ve never been really into football myself, but I could get from the reception there was a big rivalry going on between the bride and groom family’s home teams.  Remember, any silly fun ideas you come up with for pictures, I will be glad to try.  They can turn out really nice, and if they don’t, it’s no big deal.  I hope you enjoy some shots below.

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  1. Ryan,

    I love these pics! They look great! I would love it if you could send me a cd of some of your work while at Kingston Plantation, especially over the past summer. I am so glad you posted your blog on my page, i love any chance i get for prospective brides to see beautiful shots at our resort. Thank you!! I am looking forward to seeing you and having a successful 2011! Thanks!- Megan, Catering Manager, Kingston Plantation – Embassy Suites


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