Wedding portraits on the white bridge at Magnolia Plantation

I always love weddings at the Carriage House in Magnolia Plantation. Cassie and Caleb are a really sweet and easy going couple that was great to work with. Their wedding was on August 28th, so it was a really hot and humid day in Charleston. Thankfully, there is lots of beautiful shade under the mossy oaks. They also have some great AC in the Carriage House and bride’s cottage. I tried to not get anyone too hot and sweaty before the ceremony started.

When I arrived, I started with pictures of the bride and bridesmaids in their cottage near the Carriage House. I decided to move their little couch out into the center of the cottage. This worked great and let us get some really cute shots with the bride her bridesmaids sitting around the couch together. When the groom arrived, I took his group out for some brief pictures under the beautiful huge oak tree on the front lawn. This tree is completely covered in moss. The sunlight filtering through the moss makes a beautiful background for pictures. After this, we hid away the groom, so I could take some pictures of the bride and bridesmaids under the old oak. As long as we have time, I always like to take group shots and then some fun pictures with the bride and groom with each individual in the bridal party separately.

They did something in this ceremony I haven’t seen before. They had some adult guys (flowermen?) throwing flower petals before the bride. I assume this is an idea from TikTok or Instagram that I haven’t seen. It was a lot of fun and got some great laughs from everyone. The ceremony location is always beautiful on the bank of the Ashley River beside the Carriage House. Before everyone arrived, I took a HDR Panorama of the house and ceremony location. This involves combining about 15 pictures together to get a wider, more detailed view than I could get with one shot.

After the ceremony we did family pictures under the oak tree. Then the bridal party walked to the red bridge near the conservatory. I always love pictures of large groups on that bridge. I’ve found a pretty good spot to stand near the lake’s edge where I can get some wide shots of everyone on the bridge. After this, the bride, groom and myself hopped on a golf cart with one of the staff. Last year when I was at Magnolia Plantation, the white bridge was under renovation. Thankfully, it was repaired this year and we were able to get some beautiful pictures on it.

We also hit some other popular spots like the gazebo, oak alley and the garden with all the elephant ears. I would have loved to have time to go to even more spots like the bamboo forest, but the bride and groom were completely exhausted. The wedding planner also came to get us because we were out of time. Time always flies when taking fun pictures with the couple. I hope you enjoy the pictures below. If you are planning a wedding at the Carriage House in Magnolia Plantation please let me know. I would love to give you more info or suggestions.

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