Maternity portraits for my previous wedding couple at Caledonia Golf and Fish Club

I always love taking portraits for Ornelie and Matt. I did photography for their African themed wedding in Raleigh a few years ago. Next, their one year anniversary portraits at the Conway Riverwalk. Now, early this year, I took their maternity portraits under the beautiful mossy oaks at Caledonia Golf and Fish Club in Pawleys Island.

Ornelie and Matt asked me to hold off for a few months on posting pictures of their pregnancy. They mentioned they had a difficult time getting pregnant and they wanted to make an official announcement about it before I posted any pictures. After she gave me permission, I still had to wait until I had some time with the busy summer photography rush. With Covid over, I think everyone decided to come to Myrtle Beach at the same time. In fact, next week I have three big weddings in a row, so I’m getting a little worn out! I’ve seen on their Instagram that she has already had the baby, and everything looks like it is going well.

Caledonia Golf and Fish Club is a beautiful location in Pawleys Island for pictures. In case you aren’t familiar, Pawleys Island is about 30 min south of the city of Myrtle Beach. They are very nice there and only require a quick check-in at the clubhouse before taking pictures. We started out taking some portraits with the two of them under the oaks down near the River. It’s funny because Ornelie is very into the pictures and loves to pose for them. Like most guys, I think Matt would rather be doing something else, but he is always a good sport and does his best with posing.

We next walked a bit down the road and took some pictures under the mossy oaks on the main entrance roadway. They had some special baby shirts they wanted to hold up for the pictures. I loved the one where I had them hold it out in front and kiss in the background. It looks great with the out-of-focus bokeh in the trees behind them. As the sun began to drop down, we took some portraits on the roadway with the steps and clubhouse in the background. We had some nice warm sunlight filtering through the trees that really separated them nicely from the background. Of course, I’m always using some off-camera flash as well.

Finally, with the sun setting, we went back down by the river for pictures and also took some on the steps. I always love taking any type of pictures at Caledonia Golf and Fish Club. If you are looking for something different than the typical beach portraits, let me know, this is a great location.

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