One year anniversary and bridal portraits at the Conway Riverwalk

It seems like I’ve had a lot of weddings and photo sessions recently at the Conway Riverwalk. It’s a beautiful alternative location for pictures if you want to get away from the beach. This couple got married about a year ago back in their hometown, but due to weather and other circumstances they weren’t happy with the pictures from their wedding. So while they were on their anniversary vacation in Myrtle Beach, the bride wanted to put back on her wedding dress and take some bridal portraits, as well as some romantic pictures with her husband.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, they remodeling of the old Conway bridge is finally finished. I started out taking pictures of this couple down on the boardwalk with the bridge in the background, as well as on the docks down by the water of the Waccamaw River. We then took some portraits under the supporting arches of the remodeled bridge, it’s been a while since it was possible to take pictures in this spot.

After the sun had went down a bit, we went up on the old train tracks for some pictures. These train tracks are getting so overgrown and in bad shape, I think it’s getting a little too dangerous to venture far out on the bridge. I think what you see in these pictures, is as far as I’m going to let couples go from now on. I always want to be safe when taking pictures. Next, we went to the Conway Gardenwalk, which is a little hidden spot in downtown Conway. I actually added this area to Google Maps to make it easier to locate.

Finally, when I thought it was almost too dark for more pictures, we finished up on the South End of the Riverwalk . I actually ended up really liking these pictures. I always have a my large studio flash for some off camera lighting. The soft off camera light hitting the bride’s face, with the street lamps out of focus in the background, ended up making a beautiful portrait. If you want to have a different look to your engagement or family portrait session let me know, the Conway Riverwalk is always a great alternative to the beach.

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