Beautiful bridal portraits at Rosewood Manor in Marion, SC

This was my first time doing photography at the Rosewood Manor Bed & Breakfast in Marion, SC. I understand this is a popular bridal portraits location, in fact there was another bride finishing up her portraits right before we arrived. I actually shot these pictures a few months ago, but as always with bridal portraits, I have to wait until after the wedding to post them. At the wedding held this past Saturday, I really liked seeing how the bride had her portraits in small frames spread all around the Manor. There was also a couple of large 16×20’s matted and framed for the guests to view at the reception.

Some of my favorite portraits of this bride were from where we started on the upstairs balcony. The doorway, backlit by the sunlight, made for some beautiful shots of the bride. There is a lot of classic furniture, decorations, fireplaces and more around the Manor that make very nice portrait spots. The main stairway and columns in the entryway are very pretty as well. The only problem we had is from the recent hurricane. It had knocked down and damaged some of the trees around the Manor. Also, with the time of the year, there wasn’t any of the usual flowers blooming. We still got some nice outdoors shots of the bride backlit by the sunset coming through the trees. For the last picture of the bride below, she was wearing her mother’s dress. We were trying to recreate the look of a bridal portrait her mother had taken years ago. I hope you enjoy the pictures, please let me know in the comments or by sharing them on Facebook or Pinterest if you do!

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