Senior portraits at the Atalaya Castle in Huntington Beach State Park

In the last couple of weeks, I shot two senior portrait sessions at the Atalaya Castle in Huntington State Park Murrells Inlet that I think turned out really well. Both of these clients are really into sports. The first senior girl below is actually being coached to go to the Olympics for the hammer toss, and the second is a softball player. I think both of them would much rather be playing sports than posing for pictures, but I think we got along well and had fun with the pictures.

To do senior portraits really well, you have to be good at posing someone, especially helping them to know what to do with their hands. I’m still always working to improve in that. Weddings and family pictures are a bit different. It’s almost always about people interacting with each other. Engagement portraits are really easy because it’s all about two people interacting. Even bridal portraits are a lot about the dress, and the bride typically has a small bouquet to hold in her hands. However, with senior portraits, it’s all about making one person be able to stand there and look good for the camera, to help them feel comfortable and not look awkward in any way. I think both of these sessions turned out really well and I had fun doing them, so hopefully, I’ll start doing more senior portraits in the future. I think I’m starting to get pretty good at it. Let me know if you enjoy the pictures by commenting below!

Update: I added below a couple of hammer toss pictures I took on a separate day.

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  1. These are amazing, as all of your shoots are! I’ve done Senior portraits here, and I see way more places now that I could shoot poses. You really should do more Senior photos, as all of your shoots are……these are amazing!!


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