Secret pictures of marriage proposal and engagement portraits after

I got to do something fun last week, trying to do marriage proposal pictures without being noticed. The man’s family, including his daughter, were hiding by the dunes while we waited for him and his girlfriend to arrive at the beach. There are always a lot of photographers down at the state park so it was pretty easy to blend in. I don’t think his girlfriend actually noticed me until after he proposed, so I thought I did a pretty good job. Then they just did engagement pictures on the beach together. It was a lot of fun, and easy to get some romantic pictures right after a proposal like that.  I guess you would only want to do this if you were sure she would say yes :)  I hope you enjoy some of the pictures below.

Couple walking down the beach before proposalSecret pictures of marriage proposalDaughter bringing flowers after proposalKiss after marriage proposalCouple laying together in front of the sea oats - Myrtle Beach State ParkCouple looking at each other in front of the sea oatsGirl kissing guy in front of the seaoatsCouple in front of the sunsetJust engaged couple walking down the beach togetherCouple smiling at each other in front of the pierKiss in front of the pierFather and daughter huggingCouple kissing under the pierJust engaged couple laying together in the sand - Myrtle Beach State ParkGuy lifting girl up for a kissPiggyback rideGirl smiling at guy on the pierCouple walking together down the pierKissing on the pier - Myrtle Beach State ParkKissing on the pier - Myrtle Beach State ParkLifting girl up for a kiss

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