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Engagement pictures for a couple and their dog on a cloudy day at the Myrtle Beach State Park

I had another really nice couple for engagement portraits at the Myrtle Beach State Park this past week. I've got their wedding coming up later this year. This couple brought along their baby for the moment, their little dog. I can't remember what it was exactly, I know it was a poodle mix of some kind. I have two poodles myself, they are very sweet dogs as long as they are used to being around people. My dogs both love when clients are coming by to discuss a wedding, I tell them people are coming and they will wait by the window.

You have to be careful when a couple is mixed race like this one and have extremely different skin tones.  His skin was very dark, and she had very fair light skin. If you were to have a camera on spot metering and only set the exposure for his face, hers could be overexposed.  Or the opposite if you metered the camera on her face.  Of course this isn't really much of an issue anymore, modern cameras have so much dynamic range it's hard to mess up more than a little adjustment in Lightroom will take care of.

Even as good as modern cameras are, I usually shoot on manual and just check every few shots on the screen, you really can't go wrong doing it this way. Subjects backlit by sunlight are going to trick up a camera on auto exposure, and you get a lot more consistency on manual which helps for a quicker workflow later when doing adjustments. This was a very cloudy overcast day which made things easier, of course you also don't get the nice look of the sunset, but it can be good in it's own way.  I hope you enjoy the pictures below, please comment if you do.

Couple sitting on the oak trees with thier dog at the Myrtle Beach State Park Mixed race couple kissing under the oak trees Myrtle Beach State Park Mixed race couple kissing under the oak trees Myrtle Beach State Park Couple with dog sitting in a tree Leaning through the oak trees for a kiss Engagement portrait through the oak trees Coupld standing beside each other for engagement portrait in front of the pier Girls face looking up at guy Engagement portraits under the pier at the Myrtle Beach State Park Engagement portraits under the pier at the Myrtle Beach State Park Couple laying in the sand together Girl putting arms around guy from behind Couple sitting beside each other in the sand and kissing Engagement couple with thier dog Engagment portrait of mixed race couple walking down the beach Girl holding onto her guy's arm Looking up at fiance for a kiss Couple touching noses with the background of the Myrtle Beach State Park Engagement pictures with couple and thier dog under the pier Black and white portrait of couple under the pier Couple leaning against pier Engagement portrait laying in sand looking up at Myrtle Beach State Park Couple kissing on the pier Couple holding hands walking down the state park pier

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