First ever wedding on the Barefoot Resort Love Course with a bit of Dr. Who

This was the first-ever wedding held at this spot on the Barefoot Resort and Golf Love Course. It was held at a nice spot where they have the recreated ruins of an old plantation home along holes 3-7. The mother and father of the groom were long-time members of Barefoot resort, so they were given the special opportunity to do a wedding at this spot. I’ve done many weddings backing up to golf courses, but never one where there were no golfers to watch out for. This was special because the entire course was closed down for us. We had the location to ourselves with no one else around.

As you can see below, the couple decided to do a first look to get some pictures done before the ceremony. I like the storyboard format of my blog now. It’s easier to show something like a first look that can be hard to express in a single picture. Thanks to it being cloudy, even though it was earlier in the day, we didn’t have a problem with the harsh sunlight. The couple is big fans of the Dr. Who series, so we incorporated that in some pictures. The wedding planner Elizabeth Hodges that I’ve worked with a lot, her son came dressed at The Dr. He looked like he could fit right into that series. He made a convincing look-alike. I loved the look of the Tuxedos worn by the groomsmen and the groom’s top hat. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures below. Please comment if you do.

4 thoughts on “First ever wedding on the Barefoot Resort Love Course with a bit of Dr. Who”

  1. I am so proud, he is a wonderful young man and his wife is a joy…….Love them so much…..These are beautiful, gorgeous photos…….what a job the photographer did…..

  2. The photos are beautiful. It looks like a perfect day and a very happy new family! Congratulations!


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