First ever wedding on the grassy lawn at the Caravelle Resort

I was told this was the first wedding on the lawn behind the Caravelle Resort in Myrtle Beach. The reception later in the evening was at the St. John’s Inn across the street. I have done a wedding there before. I thought the lawn was quite a nice area, there was some shade from the large hotel building, and there were plenty of trees around, blocking things you might not want to see.  This was one of the nicer behind-the-resort-type wedding areas I’ve seen. They said if it worked out, they would try more weddings at this location in the future.  I imagine they will be very happy with how it turned out.

Of course, I have my usual problem with it being within city limits. I have a Myrtle Beach business license to work at such locations, but it’s still against the MB City laws to do any commercial work on the beach.  I’ve been cautioning everyone not to do too much on the beach, doing some shots of the wedding party and couple while keeping an eye out for the beach cops. The resorts need to work with the city to get something done about this law. Unless someone tells them, who would imagine you could have a beach resort wedding and technically not be allowed on the beach sand? 

I love the way the St. John’s Inn has the small lights strung up along the ceiling. When you use a high-end lens, like the 85mm f1.4 Nikon lens I used in the dancing shots, it turns any small background lights into large, rounded, out-of-focus orbs.  It’s a great look for dancing.  You can take just about any room and string up some lights; with the right lens, you can make the background beautiful.  I hope you enjoy the pictures below. I uploaded a bunch of them this time.  Please like this post or comment below if you enjoy them. 

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