Highlights from the last few weeks and the importance of a good DJ

I haven’t made a wedding-specific blog post recently, and I’ve wanted to put up something new. I always get so busy in the summer. So I just decided to quickly pull out of my collection a few shots I liked from the last few weeks of August. These come from family beach pictures at the Myrtle Beach State Park, the mother of a bride I had last year getting married at the Grande Dunes Member’s Club, a wedding for a military groom at Brunswick Plantation in NC, and a wedding reception in Florence, SC. There is a lot in this one post.

One thing I especially wanted to highlight can be seen in the last about 15 pictures in this post.  They are from a wedding game called the Shoely Wed Game.  If you want to have a fun wedding reception, it’s really important that you get a fun DJ. I’ve been to many weddings where the DJ got everyone having fun, laughing, and having a good time. This is always great for me because I like to take lots of reaction shots of the audience, as you see in my pictures below. Good DJs usually get everyone into the dancing as well. Most of the time, it takes some effort to get everyone on the dance floor.

Just like with wedding photographers, there are some really bad ones as well.  I’ve seen some that barely do anything but play music, some whose lighting is so bad it causes me a lot of problems, and the worst was probably the one that had a CD collection for playing the music and couldn’t get the CDs to play. In my opinion, the DJ is the most important part of a fun wedding reception. It sure makes it better for me if I have many candid expressions to take pictures of.  I hope you enjoy some of the shots below.

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  1. You might have me convinced that a good DJ is something I need to not skimp on, Ryan… Any suggestions? Please contact me!


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