Wedding ceremony at the Conway River Walk

I’m going to try something a little different with my blog posts.  Instead of just posting the same pictures I post in my galleries and Facebook, I’m going to post a lot more here, although many of them won’t have any Photoshop work or touchups like pictures in my main gallery.

I had a really busy couple of weeks with 5 weddings, the beginning of May seems to be everyone’s favorite time to get married.  I wanted to highlight this wedding at the Conway River Walk because it’s a location I haven’t done a wedding before.  I’ve been to this area a number of times for various things, but never for a full wedding ceremony.  It really is a beautiful location if you want to get away from the beach.  I would have to say I wouldn’t recommend a reception at the peanut warehouse unless it’s a really cool time of the year.  They really need to get some air circulation and some large fans through the building and it would be fine.  But I’m always hot so you can’t really take my opinion on it too much.  This couple was a lot of fun and we got some really good shots.  I hope you enjoy some of the pictures below.

Working hard on the bride's makeup - Conway River Walk
Bride getting on makeup in the window light - Conway River Walk

Groom and father waiting for the ceremony to begin - Conway River Walk
Bridesmaids walking down the isle - Conway River Walk
Here comes the bride - Conway River Walk
I can't remember what happened here, but I like his son in the background - Conway River Walk
Bride smiling at groom during the ceremony - Conway River Walk
Music that got everyone crying - Conway River Walk
Groom getting a hug after the ceremony - Conway River Walk
That's a big bridal party! - Conway River Walk
She will get a kick out of me posting this one. - Conway River Walk
Bridesmaids having fun after the ceremony - Conway River Walk
Bridesmaids trying to lift up the groom - Conway River Walk
What a beautiful spot for family pictures - Conway River Walk
Picture by the lake surrounded by trees - Conway River Walk
Bride and groom in front of the old Conway bridge - Conway River Walk
Walking down the Riverwalk together - Conway River Walk
Groom having fun - Conway River Walk
Another Riverwalk shot - Conway River Walk
About to kiss by the old building - Conway River Walk
We had a little audience for some of our pictures - Conway River Walk
Kiss under the old Conway bridge - Conway River Walk
Bride and groom on the train tracks - Conway River Walk

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