Another wedding at the Grande Dunes Ocean Club – Myrtle Beach

I like going back to a location multiple times, it’s just so much more relaxed going to an area I already know.  This was my second wedding in the actual Ocean Club, that is at the very north end of Myrtle Beach. I’ve had a number of weddings in the Grande Dunes that had their ceremony on the beach behind the club as well.  I don’t know how the pricing compares, but overall the Grande Dunes really is about the nicest place for a wedding and reception I’ve seen.  This week everything went super smoothly.  The videographers, AAA Photography, were great and the ceremony went off without any problems at all.  The only thing about the veranda (I guess is what you call it), is for the amount of people they had at this ceremony it got to be a little tight. The videographers were really squeezed in and it was a little hard to get some angles and shots I like when I have a whole beach to move around on.  Also, the groom was so much taller than the bride, it actually made some of my shots I normally do difficult. They were a great couple, and I thought almost all the pictures tuned out fantastic. My wife seem to think the groom was a little too good looking, I might have to hide the rest of the pictures :)  I hope you enjoy some samples below.

How guys get ready for a wedding - Ocean Club
The girls are going crazy in one room, and we see the guys busy getting ready here.

Bride putting on earings in mirror - Grande Dunes, Ocean Club

Bride in doorway, black and white - Grande Dunes, Ocean Club

Dad helping groom with tie - Grande Dunes, Ocean Club

Already Crying

Bride in focus - Grande Dunes

A different kind of black and white

Bridal party by columns - Ocean Club

A very traditional sunset portrait - Ocean Club, Grande Dunes

Groom holding the bride in his arms - Grande Dunes, Ocean Club

First Dance - Grande Dunes, Ocean Club

Kiss in the candlelight

Finding my focus in the crowd - Grande Dunes

3 thoughts on “Another wedding at the Grande Dunes Ocean Club – Myrtle Beach”

  1. Ashley, congratulations once again. You made such a beautiful bride which I never had a doubt. What a handsome guy Justin (edited) is, together you make a beautiful couple. Always stay happy and in love as you are today. Miss you and your family. Love Regina

  2. Regina (mother) Ashley's husbands name is JUSTIN not Ryan, that was the photographer's name, but YES she was a beautiful bride!!


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