Adorable wedding Flower Grannies at The Historic Peanut Warehouse

During my slow time of the year, I’m looking back at some of my favorite weddings of 2022. It’s been a while since I posted pictures from a wedding at The Historic Peanut Warehouse. This rustic event venue is located next to the Riverwalk in Conway, SC. It’s had some major remodeling in the past few years, so it is much nicer than it was in the past. You can find out more about this in a previous wedding here.

Torie & Josh’s wedding was held last June 25th on a hot summer afternoon. When I first arrived, I began with some details shots of the rings, flowers, jewelry, and bridal party dresses. They have many pretty hanging lights over the ceremony area, so I used these to give out-of-focus bokeh in the background of the pictures.

This summer day was hot, and June 25th also happened to be the same date as the Conway Riverwalk Festival! So it was crazy busy all around the area. We decided to take any before the ceremony pictures with the wedding party inside the Peanut Warehouse. The windows and old wood walls make an excellent background, and the photos turned out very nice. 

The bride’s grandmothers as the “Flower Grannies”

Torie had a couple of the cutest grandmothers. They had huge smiles and were the life of the party, even later during the reception. Instead of having flower girls, she let her grandmothers throw out the flower petals as the “flower grannies” when they walked down the aisle. This was such a fun idea. Everyone had huge smiles as they tossed the petals. 

The bride and groom did a “tying a cord of three strands” together after the wedding ceremony. Because of the old wood on the warehouse walls, light can spill through in some unwanted spots. This time of the year, I had no issues with the light hitting the wedding party as they walked down the aisle. However, there was a spot of light right on the groom’s bald head. It gave him quite a glow which I couldn’t avoid. I have the same hairstyle, so I know how it is!

Pictures after the ceremony on The Conway Riverwalk

One thing great about a wedding at The Peanut Warehouse, it’s located right next to The Conway Riverwalk, which is a beautiful spot for pictures. As I mentioned earlier, this was the date of a large festival on the Riverwalk. I’ve never seen the Conway Riverwalk so packed with people before. 

It was challenging, but we managed to take some great shots without anyone in the background. Thankfully, some festivalgoers were nice enough to wait while I took some quick pictures. There is also a nice quiet spot on one of the river docks. The bride and groom still had a great time. We were getting a lot of cheers from the boats going by on the river.

Grandmother catching the bouquet

After some wild introductions with the bridal party, Torie and Josh did their first dance and parent dances. The “flower grannies” struck again during the bouquet toss. I love the expressions as one of the bride’s grandmothers leaped out in front to catch the bouquet. They had such a great time, even during the dancing.

I wasn’t staying for the whole reception at this wedding. Still, I was there long enough to capture everything important. I hope you enjoy these pictures. If you are planning a wedding at The Historic Peanut Warehouse, let me know, I would be happy to give you my thoughts on the venue and help with planning. 

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