Mother with her two sons | Family pictures at Huntington Beach State Park

This year I’m again encouraging my clients for family pictures to make the trip to the Huntington Beach State Park if possible. Because of a recent hurricane, the dunes are very damaged at the Myrtle Beach State Park and they have roped them off to protect them. Also, in the summer, the Myrtle Beach park is very crowded. Because of the crowds, sometimes the park rangers are unfriendly with us photographers. The Huntington Beach State Park doesn’t have a pier but it has the Atalaya Castle and a beautiful beach with nice dunes. If you are looking to take some pretty sunset pictures in front of the dunes the Huntington park is the best option, however if you really love the look of a pier then the Myrtle Beach State Park is still your best bet.  I keep hoping they will finish the road construction on 17 Bypass soon which will make the trip much faster. At least, for this year, if you are traveling down from the Myrtle Beach area expect about a 10 min wait in traffic at the 17 Bypass and Glens Bay Road intersection. If you are booking a family session I recommend checking out both locations on Google Maps and let me know what you prefer.

I thought I would highlight this recent small family session at the Huntington Beach State Park. It’s still a little bit cold, but my work is beginning to pick up now with spring approaching. This was a mother visiting her college age son that lives in the Myrtle Beach area, as well as her younger little boy. It’s so nice when a family is happy and has a good time with the pictures. Like usual I started to lose the attention of the younger boy near the end of the session. It was really tough to get him to look at the camera for final pictures by the ocean. Most of the time both boys had big smiles and a great attitude and just made the photo session really quick and easy. I especially like some of the sunset pictures of the family sitting in front of the dunes. As I mentioned above, it’s hard to find pretty dunes in the area after the hurricane damage, so I’m really happy there are still some nice spots in the Huntington Beach State Park.  I hope you enjoy the pictures below, if you want to book your own family session please let me know!

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