Two engagement photography sessions at the Conway River Walk, one with a Poodle

Penny Smith
Penny Smith

I really like during this slower time of the year to do engagement sessions for my upcoming weddings.  I had two sets of weddings clients recently that wanted to do engagement pictures at the Conway River Walk, so I decided I would just combine pictures from both their sessions into one post.  The first set below I’m a little partial too because they had a poodle that looks almost just like my dog Penny.  You can check out her Facebook page here, she needs some more friends. Their poodle was a little nervous especially up on the railroad track, just like my dog would be with the tail tucked down tight.  The very last picture in the first set below was cute. He was trying to be good and sit while we did pictures, but he was so happy when they finally called him over.  I thought both the engagement sessions turned out very nice, the Conway River walk is a great spot this time of the year.  I had a little trouble with getting the guys to smile, but I understand because I can’t smile for pictures myself.

The two engagement photography sessions below can give you an idea of the difference between a sunny and a cloudy day.  They both have a different look, but I can’t say one is better than the other.  I like the soft look of a cloudy day, especially in a black and white. Of course, when you can get the sunset filtering through a tree in the background, it is always great as well.  I don’t get to choose if it’s going to be cloudy or not, so I just had to learn to make it look good either way.  I’d say if you are a beginning photographer try for a cloudy day, it’s a lot easier to get an acceptable picture, I see a lot of photographers make a mess of things with the sun.  I hope you enjoy the engagement pictures from the Conway River Walk below, let me know in the comments box if you do.

Engagement portrait with poodle sitting on the train tracks - Conway River Walk Getting a low angle on the train tracks Couple sitting together on the tracks Holding hands walking down the tracks Walking together down the tracks Fiance looking up at guy sitting on the train rail - Conway River Walk Kiss in front of the old Conway bridge in background Couple kissing on the Conway River Walk Walking together down the Riverwalk Having fun by the oak trees Guy leaning girl back for a kiss on the Riverwalk Piggyback ride and doggie sticking out his tongue Couple under the old Conway Bridge Finally the doggie gets his mom and dadGetting a different angle on the train tracks - engagement at Conway River Walk Couple sitting together on the old train tracks Kiss on the train tracks Couple under the old Conway bridge Sunlight filtering through the trees Engagement couple sitting on the dock at the Conway River Walk Sunset by the boat dock Couple walking together by the boats Last sunset picture sitting on the train tracks together

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