Wedding Album Examples and Information

All my wedding albums are large and beautifully constructed. These are 12-inch by 12-inch high-quality layflat books with pictures printed directly on the pages. These are larger than the typical wedding albums from other photographers. All albums start with 30 pages, and more can be added if desired. A flush mount album allows various template layouts for each album side or page. View the examples below. I prefer clean, simple arrangements that focus on the images and don’t have background distractions. However, I can do whatever you like. You are welcome to get specific on how you would like each album side designed, but most clients send me their image selections and let me lay out the album.

Standard Style Wedding Album

These albums have solid pages about the thickness of a penny, pictures printed directly on the pages using archival quality Kodak paper, leather or cloth covers, and more. The pages are slightly thinner, and the album is not as heavy and padded as the Infinity Album below. Because of the lower printing cost, I can offer 40 pages for an extra $100 or 50 pages for an additional $200. These include leather covers with a choice of colors Black // Midnight Blue // Sterling Gray // White // Distressed // Distressed Cappuccino // Distressed Sand, as well as Canvas/Linen cloth covers in Black or Oatmeal. You can choose from Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Black, and White for the embossing. I have examples of both album types at my home office. Please stop by and take a look.

Infinity Wedding Album

These are beautiful, very heavy, thick, high-quality premium art albums that may differ from what you have seen in the past. My standard size is a large 12×12 but 18×18 is also an option. They are very expensive to print, which is the difference in the package price with these albums. The pages are also thick at .05″ with a black foam core. If you would like to see an album example, please let me know, and you can come by my home office and take a look.

These albums also have more cover options than the standard album. Included in the price is the upgrade to an acrylic cover. An acrylic cover has a picture across the entire front that looks like it’s behind glass, as pictured below. There are many more album cover options, such as full wrap photo, photo cut-out, single material, and pretty much whatever you can imagine. However, Acrylic is my default recommendation. If you don’t like this, I can send more options.

Upgrade to 40 Pages for $200 or 50 Pages for $400

Ecoskins: Soft Black // Dark Gray // Light Gray // Navy // Soft Espresso // Tan // Birch Ostrich // Mohogany Ostrich // Dogwood Ostrich // Charcoal Ostrich
Leatherette color options: Flat Black // Black // White // Navy // Red // Honey // Brown
Leather color options ($40 Extra Charge): Black // White // Brown // Oatmeal
EcoSuede: Black // White // Clay // Cedar // Stone

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