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Myrtle Beach Photo Booth Service

Fun, modern and state of the art open air photo booth rental service for weddings, events and parties!

Photo Booth setup for corporate event
Table with fun photo booth props
Group sharing their pictures on the iPad

A professional Photo Booth is a great addition to any wedding, party or even corporate event. Your guests will love grabbing fun props, hats, masks, sunglasses etc. and taking fun silly pictures together. My photo booth setup is super easy and fun for the guests to use. The system is based around a Microsoft Surface Tablet running professional photo booth software connected to a Canon DSLR camera for a professional look to the pictures. The Surface is mounted inside a custom photo booth kiosk with a ring light to give a unique and cool look to the pictures. I noticed photo booth users never look up at the camera lens, they always look at the screen. So I modified my booth kiosk to get the camera lens very close to the screen itself. I also use some additional camera flash to enhance the look of the photo booth pictures. Guests can touch the screen themselves or get help from my assistant in taking their pictures.

Open Air Photo Booth and lot of props

Disinfectant for Props

Instead of a small closed in photo booth area, I offer an open air photo studio style setup. This type of setup is the most fun because large or small groups can grab some props and pose together without the limitations of a small booth size. Different backdrop options and props are available, let me know if you have special requirements. I also think I have better props then any other photo booth I’ve seen locally. I have lots of signs to hold up and props like fun hats, masks, big sunglasses, a real Colombian sombrero to even a light up Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos mask. I’m always collecting more fun things. Of course you don’t want to put on the same hat hundreds of other people have. I regularly sanitize with Cleansmart disinfectant spray that leaves no chemical residue or odor.

Immediately print and share the photo booth pictures

Instant photo booth printing

Guests can touch the screen to begin taking multiple pictures and then the combined photo strip will be sent immediately for printing. For printing I have a professional DNP photo booth printer. This gives the same quality prints you would get at a photo lab in just a few seconds of print time. Guests can also use the nearby iPad to view their pictures and select to get a text message or email with a link to the prints online for immediate sharing to social media. Other options are available as well such as fun Boomerang videos. All the photo booth pictures can be viewed and downloaded online by any wedding guests after the wedding as well.

Photo Prints

My wife & I taking a quick booth picture

My typical print layout is two 2×6 strips with your name or event name and date at the bottom. One photo strip the guests can keep and then one strip can be for you to put into an album, or the guests can just keep both strips as well. If you prefer larger prints, other layouts are available, such as a full 4×6 prints instead of cutting it into two strips. ( Note: It’s an extra $50 for 4×6 prints instead of photo strips to offset the additional printing cost, I can still print 2 copies so you can keep one for an album. ) If you have a custom font design or logo for your event please send it to me and I can include it at the bottom of the photo strip. For example if you send me assets from your invitations like fonts or graphics I can use them on your photo booth prints.

There are hundreds of photo booth templates online as well, if you want a custom design check out this website. Let me know what template you like and I will just charge you the cost of the template (Typically $29), customization of the template for your event is free.

Custom template for winter party
Custom template for Sparks Toyota using their invitation font style and graphics
Examples of typical 2×6 photo strips
4×6 Modern Minimalist Template Example

Why use a photographer for the photo booth?

Example of photo booth pictures included in the pages of a wedding album

As a professional wedding photographer with over 10 years in the industry, I know how to create fun high quality pictures. I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of iPad based photo booths, so I switched to a PC based solution with a DSLR camera and large lens. Also, if I’m photographing your wedding or event, the photo booth pictures can be professionally touched up and included in your wedding album as well! These pictures are taken in a raw format with a high quality mirrorless camera so they can be adjusted just like the rest of your wedding pictures. They will also be included in the digital download of your wedding or event pictures with full printing and sharing rights.

Myrtle Beach Photo Booth Rental Prices

Includes booth setup, attendant, photo strip printing and image rights to download, share and print

As an add on to a wedding or event I’m already photographing: $450 + Tax
As a stand alone photo booth only setup at a wedding or event ( Around 3 hours open booth time ) : $500 + Tax