Photography of Apartments in Myrtle Beach for A1 Properties

With our current social distancing restrictions in SC from Covid-19, it’s impossible to do weddings and family pictures. It was great to get a call from Jessica at A1 Properties to take some pictures of recently remodeled apartments at Autumn Chase in Myrtle Beach and Sinclair Phase 2 in Conway. She actually found me because she was looking for something different than typical real estate photography. She searched for event photographers and fell in love with my various pictures I’ve taken around Myrtle Beach. I’m going to send her some of my landscape photography for use on her website as well.

Because apartments don’t have a lot of space to step back, I had to do a lot of work with my wide-angle lens to make the small spaces look large and open. Then, I used tools after the fact, to correct the typical distortion you get with a 15mm lens. I also used some off-camera lighting to brighten up some darker areas, especially closets that didn’t have thier own lighting. Simple apartments like these don’t have a lot of beautiful details to take pictures of like I’m used to with large event spaces. However, even the most basic apartments can look more appealing with professional pictures.

I also did a 360 virtual walkthrough for the Sinclair apartment in Conway. You can view the walkthrough here.

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  1. nice to see you are being able to find some opportunities to work with the lockdown, nice photos. Stay safe :-)


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