Kiss in front of the lights at sunset 21 Main Events at North Beach

Intimate wedding in the courtyard at 21 Main Events at North Beach

This was my first time photographing a wedding ceremony in the beautiful courtyard at 21 Main Events at North Beach. This restaurant is located near the North Beach Plantation towers in North Myrtle Beach. This was a small and intimate wedding ceremony without a bridal party. The bride didn’t want a lot getting ready pictures so I just arrived shortly before the ceremony time. I still had time to get some pretty shots of the location such as a panorama of the courtyard area and pictures of the elegant ballroom decorations. The ceremony was held shortly before sunset time and …

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Nighttime wedding at Bay Watch Resort

I was worried because this ceremony started about 20 minutes before sunset at last weekend’s wedding at the Bay Watch Resort in North Myrtle Beach.  I’ve never tried to do family and couple portraits after dark.  Thanks to the fact that the hotel has some lights out back and my Nikon D700 has amazing low light capabilities, I thought I got some really unique and interesting shots.  It was fun try to push myself doing something different. I don’t want to go into it too much, let’s just say I will never work with Seaside Wedding Chapel again.  They brought their own “photographer” and “videographer”, I’m putting them in quotes.  The videographer, a guy with a camcorder in a bright orange shirt, stood near the front in the middle of the isle.  I tried to get him to move but he wouldn’t.  The officiant, I guess is used to just working with his guys, actually interrupted the ceremony to say I was getting in the way of his videographer.  I also had to try to work with their “photographer”, which the bride asked them not to bring.  Anyway, I’ll just say I can’t go through that again, please brides be careful about hiring all in one packages.  I’m glad everything worked out though overall with the pictures.  I hope you enjoy a few of the pictures below.

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