Local Wedding Planners

Picture from wedding with Elizabeth Hodges

Elizabeth Hodges - Grand Occasions, Inc
Full Service Wedding and Event Planning. I've personally worked with her many times, clients always seem to love her.

Picture from a wedding with Sarah Barnhill

Sarah McCall - Stunning and Brilliant Events
I've worked with Sarah a number of times now and the weddings always stay on time and run smoothly, which makes my job easier.

Picture from wedding with Debbie Idol

Debbie Idol - Events on the Half Shell
So far I've only worked with her once, but she seemed relaxed and professional and everything was nicely decorated. 

Table decorations done my Memorable Moments

Memorable Moments
Another nice planner I've worked with that had everything decorated very nicely

A wedding I did with Kelly Catron

Kelly Catron - Gigi Noelle Events
Another popular wedding planner in the area I have worked with.

Myrtle Beach DJ's and Music

Picture of bride and groom entering in fog from Globaltruth Entertainment

Globaltruth Entertainment
Ryan is a fun DJ that understands dance floor lighting which helps me out, and he has a fog machine, how cool is that.

DJ Scoot having fun with bride and groom

DJ Scott and Company
Very nice and professional, brings good equipment and lighting

Premiere DJ Entertainment
Another great DJ, good at getting everyone dancing.

Focusing in on Joe Durivage during dancing

Joe Durivage, Weddings and Events.
Great DJ I've worked with a lot, almost since I started doing weddings. I actually missed focus in the picture above, but it worked out good for a shot of Joe.

DJ Wally B posing with groom

Wally B Productions
Another DJ I've worked with many times, he has been on the radio for many years so he's great with the DJ voice.

Picture of a wedding game hosted by Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews Entertainment
Another DJ I see often. He is good wedding games and getting the group dancing.

Daniel Francis
Professional pianist for weddings and events.


Thomas Hart shooting a wedding on the beach

Hart to Heart Media - I've worked with them a number of times, they do a very modern film like wedding video. That's him over to the left in the picture.

Anchor Films
I've worked many times with the owner and some of his assistants and they are great to work with. I loved the video from my recent wedding, they also do the modern, film like video, with the shallow depth of field which I really like.

Lighting setup by DJ Motion Pictures

DJ Motion Pictures
Another videographer I've worked well with a number of times. His company also does a Photo Booth and uplighting as well. And I did his engagement pictures!

Wedding Officiants

Ceremony being conducted by Benjy Simmons

Simple Wedding Day
I've worked with Benjy Simmons many times and he always does a very nice job.

More coming soon . . .

Makeup Artists - Hair Stylists

Wedding makeup being applied to bride by Ami Creations

Ami Creations
I've worked with her and her assistant many times. They are very professional and always seem to have the bride ready on time.

Wing Wong working on brides hair before wedding

Wing Wong
Another great makeup artist and hair stylist I've worked with.

Picture Booths

Bride and groom getting into a shutterbooth

Shutterbooth of Myrtle Beach
This is a fun complimentary thing to having a photographer. They have all kinds of crazy props for guests to put on and do silly pictures in a photo booth. I usually get some fun shots out of it as well as guests go in and out of the booth.

Wedding Locations and Venues

Wedding on the lawn at Pawleys Plantation

Pawleys Plantation
This on one of my favorite locations, it's about 30 min south of Myrtle Beach in Pawleys Island. The staff is very nice and the wedding director Yuani seems to like me a lot. The clubhouse is on a beautiful golf course and has a couple of different rooms for small and large wedding receptions. You can see more from this area on my blog here.

Kiss on the beach walkway at the Ocean Club

Grande Dunes - Ocean Club
This is my most frequented location for weddings in Myrtle Beach, I seem to have a number here every year. If you are looking for a wedding on the beach I think this is the prettiest location. The food is always good and they have a beautiful area for the bride and groom to get ready in as well. There are a lot of other wedding venues in the Grande Dunes such as the Members Club and Marriott. You can see more pictures from these on my blog here.

Wedding on the Marina Inn Compass Pad

Marina Inn
Another nice location that is in the Grand Dunes area with a pretty backdrop of the waterway and Marina. They have some very large banquet halls for the reception and nice areas to get ready in. If a couple wanted beach pictures, it's also a short drive down to the Ocean Club area.

Bridesmaids having fun at Wachesaw Plantation

Wachesaw Plantation
The wedding and reception area are location on a very pretty section of the Intracoastal Waterway. There are lots of old oak trees with hanging moss that make for great picture spots and the sunset going down over the waterway is very pretty. There is a nice large reception area with plenty of room for dancing. See more pictures on my blog here.

Wedding at Wildberry Farm

Wildberry Farm
This is a very pretty farm location about 45 minutes inland from Myrtle Beach. The have a wedding chapel, a couple of old barns, and a huge wedding reception area. I've only done one winter wedding here so far but hopefully I'll have some more soon in the future. See more pictures on my blog here.


St. John's Inn - Caravelle Resort
I've done a number of wedding receptions here. It has a large reception area nicely decorated with lots of hanging lights. Simple hanging lights look great when they are in the background and out of focus with a really nice lens, I always love the dancing shots I get at this location.

Kiss in the beachgrass at Holden Beach, NC

Holden Beach - Ocean Spray
In particular I've done a few weddings at 1327 Ocean Blvd. This beach home seems to be a popular wedding location. I've been to lots of beach wedding locations and I think this is my favorite. In this area of NC the homes are built far back from the actual beach. There is a huge area with sand dunes and even a lake between the homes and water that is just perfect for sunset shots.

More coming soon . . .

Other Local Photographers I Recommend - Of course just if I'm booked :)

Middle Child Photography
Local photographer in Myrtle Beach that I see down at the state park all the time. He has an indoor studio now too if you are looking for that.

Brooke Christl Photography
Another really great local photographer, she does some types of photography like Boudoir and studio work that I don't do.

Pasha Belman Photography
I always enjoy looking at his work, he has a great style.  He focuses more than I do on senior portraits.  He always recommends me when he is booked as well.