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About Myself

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I'm 38 years old and I started out as a hobbyist doing things like nature photography and slowly worked my way into doing portrait and wedding photography full time. I'm proud of the fact that I just had a passion for the subject and taught myself through books, podcasts, and other resources. I very much enjoy photography and do it as my hobby as well as professionally. I seem to have a good ability to get clients relaxed and having fun, which I find is when I get the best shots. I have a very good technical understanding of photography, a good eye for light and I seem to have a good sense for what makes a compelling image.  I don't like to worry too much about posing but more about getting the right look and expression. I'm very open to suggestions, anything a client wants to try I'm generally happy to do.

About Ryan Smith Photography as a Business

I work out of my home office, pretty much everything that gets done in the business I do myself. All my photography work is on location so I just don't see the point of having a separate studio. I have my home office set up nicely with a couch and large display for clients to view images and go through previous weddings with me. I have all the pro level equipment and software of any high end photographer, in fact I'm more on the cutting edge of technology than most. I just prefer keeping things small, taking on the amount of work that I can do, and not having the stress of getting big and having to worry about full-time employees and all that comes with that.

I carry general liability insurance, Indemnity Coverage through the PPA, and equipment insurance through the PPA as well. Ryan Smith Photography, LLC. is a registered and licensed retail business in the state of SC. Because of this I do have to charge the current sales tax on all purchases delivered to SC. I have a number of different business licenses which keeps you from having any problems planning a wedding in the city limits. For example, a wedding in one of the parks in the city of Myrtle Beach requires all vendors to have a MB business license, and they do check your vendors for this, it's something good to keep in mind.


You can usually tell pretty quickly looking at a photographer's pictures, even if you know nothing about photography, if they are using top of the line lenses. One of the reason my pictures really stand out is that I'm using top of the line Nikon equipment. I'm into photography as a hobby as well, so I really like keeping up with and getting the latest and best equipment. It helps me to stay on the cutting edge of whatever is possible in photography at the time. Check out the common questions on my wedding page for specifics about my gear. I'm a member of Nikon Professional Services which means I've been verified by Nikon as a full time professional and get priority repairs and other benefits.

Something I'm proud of is this website that I built myself. I believe one reason my site is ranking so well on Google is that it is very clean, usable, and even the code is very clean and correct. I hope you find the site to be nice to use as well.

My Computer and Photo Processing Hardware

In case you are curious about how the images are processed and protected. I use a 27" iMac that I keep color calibrated with a Spyder Pro to make sure what I see is what you will get from your prints. I have 2 additional monitors hooked up to my iMac for work as well as a display on my wall to display images for clients. I protect your images with a Drobo, Raid Server, as well as a cloud backup just incase. I use the latest Adobe Photoshop version, Nik Software, as well as the latest version of Lightroom for image processing.

Business and Retail Licenses: (I don't update these pictures on the website every year but I have current licences if they are needed, for example if you are having a wedding in a Myrtle Beach Park)

SC Retail Licence
Horry County Business Licence
City of North Myrtle Beach Business License
City of Myrtle Beach business licence