Fun senior couple at their surprise 60th anniversary party – Doubletree Resort

This was a really great senior couple that had a surprise 60th anniversary party at the Springmaid Beach hotel. I really wasn’t expecting such an elaborate event when I arrived. It really was like a small wedding reception. They had a small band, a wedding style cake, a dance floor and they even played that wedding game where they ask the couple questions and see how well they know each other. I think you can see in the pictures they were constantly smiling or tearing up, they just seemed to have the best time and really loved each other. I’m sure we all wish we could be like them someday. The only little problem I had was the room lighting was pretty bad. They had florescent lights and I didn’t know quite how to balance them with my flash, I normally would put a warm gel on the flash for typical reception type incandescent lighting. I wouldn’t think florescent would need a warm gel, but I think these did. It wasn’t a big deal, something more I would only notice, but in some of the pictures the background light doesn’t quite balance with the foreground that is lit with flash. Oh well, no matter how many times I do something, I’m always learning. I know you will enjoy some of the pictures below. Please comment if you do.

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