Random things during the busy summer and the wedding documentary gallery

I’ve been meaning to put up a new blog post for a while.  Myrtle Beach is just in it’s busiest time right now, and I’m always backed up with work, which is a good thing but it makes it hard to do extra things like posting to the blog.  It also doesn’t help I got strep throat and now that I’m off my antibiotic it seems to be coming back, and I almost never get sick. So instead of trying to concentrate on one subject I decided to just put up a few random pictures I’ve really liked over the past month.

One new thing you will notice on the website, I’ve put up a new gallery called wedding documentary.  The idea for this is to put up more candid pictures that I might not put in a gallery otherwise.  I always have lots of pictures I really like, but I just don’t think they are suitable to put in as my main examples of my work.  The idea for this gallery is a place for these more raw, less perfect and touched up images.  I’m going to try to stick to pictures that are truly candid and unexpected, or sometimes perhaps a really silly picture even if the client knows I’m taking it that wouldn’t make it into the gallery otherwise.

I’ve also been experimenting with the new Nik Software Color Efex Pro 3 software.  I used the bleach bypass filter for the first image below, it’s a cool effect.  I’ve just got to get used to working this software into some images in my workflow and figuring out what I like.  Below I’m going to put some examples that are in the new wedding documentary gallery, as well as just a few other random shots I liked.  As always if you enjoy some of these pictures please click the like button below.

Groomsmen waiting on the second floor - Ocean Club - Grande Dunes
Bridal party in the sunset - Ocean Club - Grande Dunes

Holding the bride in the air - Ocean Club - Grande Dunes
Flowers in focus - Ocean Club - Grande Dun
Happy family by the dunes - Myrtle Beach State Park
Hairspray - Kingston Plantation - North Myrtle Beach
Groom practicing his guitar - Kingston Plantation - North Myrtle Beach
Bridesmaid helping bride with necklace - Kingston Plantation - North Myrtle Beach
Bridesmaids holding up groom - Kingston Plantation - North Myrtle Beach
Having fun with the first dance -Kingston Plantation - North Myrtle Beach
Working with the new Color Efex Pro 3 - Kingston Plantation - North Myrtle Beach
Groom playing guitar for reception - Kingston Plantation
A little too much to drink - Kingston Plantation
Groom dancing with mother - Revolutions Club - Broadway at the Beach
Stealing a kiss - Revolutions Club - Broadway at the Beach
Brothers - Revolutions Club - Broadway at the Beach

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