Nice smiles at the Myrtle Beach State Park

My wife and I are both terrible at smiling at the camera, most people really don’t look very natural when they try to smile, so I really feel for clients trying to get their pictures taken. I always try to shoot fast and joke about things to keep it relaxed, the worst type of picture is when someone makes you wait for the shot.  Don’t you hate it when people pull out their point and shoot camera, count to three, then still wait a few second for the shot.  That is a good recipe for getting the worst possible shot.  Still, even with a fast DSLR, most of the time my favorite shots are when the couples are looking at each other or just catching natural smiles when they happen.  This couple though just seemed to have naturally great smiles, that is why I picked to post below a number of pictures where they are looking at the camera.  They were up for anything and seemed to really enjoy the pictures, I’m looking forward to doing their wedding next year.  I hope you enjoy some of the shots below.

Cute couple in the oak trees

Couple laying by the oak trees

Sitting on oak tree branch-Myrtle Beach State Park-101107-6Sitting by dunes in black and white-Myrtle Beach State Park-101107-5-Myrtle Beach State Park-101107-4-Myrtle Beach State Park-101107-3Couple laying in the sandGetting attacked by the big fake fish on the pier

-Myrtle Beach State Park-101107

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