First look – Brookgreen Gardens

I just wanted to put up a quick post about a recent wedding in Brookgreen Gardens, I will likely be putting up a post with more general pictures from this wedding later on.  The bride wanted to do first look pictures, where instead of seeing the groom at the ceremony like normal, they did something special beforehand.  I hadn’t really done this before exactly, but I thought what would look good was the bride in focus as she walked towards the groom out of focus in the background.  Actually I should have done this with a different lens, and it would have been even better, but I really liked the results.  I will post some shots below, these are special because I’m not going to put them all up in my gallery, without context it would look like a bunch of pictures of the same thing.

2 thoughts on “First look – Brookgreen Gardens”

  1. These are absolutely AWESOME!!!!! They look so happy and the First Look……leaves us

    breathless! What a beautiful idea and brought to life in a beautiful manner.

  2. These are Beautiful!!!! What a romantic idea, brought to the human eye in a beautiful manner. The

    bride and groom look so happy, in love…..and all the things a bride & groom are suppose to look!


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