Wedding in Kingston Plantation, North Myrtle Beach

I loved almost all the pictures from last weekend’s wedding at Kingston Plantation in North Myrtle Beach. They had to move the wedding inside because of the rain, but with really nice light coming in the windows I thought it turned out really nice.  The Nikon D700 is almost noiseless at the iso800 I was shooting at, that way the beautiful ambient light coming in the windows lit the scene, I just used the flash to put a little sparkle in the eyes.  I’m putting a few of the images below, if I upload any more shots they can be seen in my live photo stream at .

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2 thoughts on “Wedding in Kingston Plantation, North Myrtle Beach”

  1. We loved to share the experience with our co-workers at Clean Bathroom – Yes! Maids @ There was magic in the air that day and the pictures capture it all


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