About my Engagement Photography

I specialize in fun and relaxed engagement and couple photography for Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand area. I'm not a business that sends out different photographers, I personally do a small number of appointments each week and I do everything myself from the photography to the final proofs.

My Style as a Photographer

What I do is a quite a bit different than a typical portrait photographer. I use a photojournalist style of photography. While I do suggest poses, I typically take around 200-300 shots in an hour session trying to capture the best moments and natural expressions. My favorite shots are those that don't look posed, that look like a couple being natural and truly having fun together. I really put all my effort into giving my very best work to my clients. I've had many clients tell me it was the nicest experience they have had with a photographer, I hope I can make you feel the same way.

Quality of Finished Product

I notice overly processed images on many photographer's websites. Instead of relying on Photoshop filters, mixing textures, vignettes and strange color effects, I prefer clear, crisp and clean color and black and white images that can only be done with Nikon's best lenses and a expert understanding of lighting and flash. However a reasonable amount of artistic and general touchup Photoshop work and special effects on all prints or albums sides included at no charge.

Prices and Information

Base Package - Digital Files - 3 Sheets and 1 16x20 Large Print

June, July, Aug and Sep - $600
Any other month $500
What does the base package include?
  • This includes the photo session, full resolution digital copies of your pictures with a copyright release. You can make your own prints and share online however you like. I'm also now including 1 16x20 and 3 Sheets (Details Below) in the base package, other prints can be added on below. Prints can be picked up or shipping to your home is $9 US and $30 to Canada. Typically I take about 300-400 pictures during a session, I usually narrow this down to about 200 pictures that I adjust and tweak to make them really look good that I send to you. You can also request a few to have specific touchups such as removing people from the background or face touchups etc. if desired. For more details please see common questions.
  • Typically I like to schedule the appointment about an hour before sunset if possible, or at your preferred time if needed. I typically only book one client per afternoon so you have me for whatever you need. There is no set time limit for an evening session, usually it takes about an hour or sometimes more for large groups. There are also no limits on family groupings, poses, or candid shots. I'm very flexible, this isn't a normal limited studio session, I really work hard to get some great posed and candid shots.
  • If you have more than 10 people in your group it's an additional $50 per 5 people, keep in mind everyone in the group can download the pictures. I get a $200 deposit to hold the date and you can give me the remainder at the appointment or send it shortly after so I can send you the pictures to download.
  • This price is for my preferred beach location at the beautiful Myrtle Beach State Park area which includes the beach, dunes and pier. For smaller family groups I like to do some shots around the oak trees as well. If you choose a different location there may be a small additional charge depending on the distance.
  • Please do have reasonable expectations at the beach and realize that there can be a lot of wind and various lighting conditions, they are not going to look quite like in the studio shots. I like the more natural, candid outdoor look myself and I think I do a good job working with available conditions, however I always work with a satisfaction guaranteed policy.

SC State Sales Tax of 7% will be added to all purchases that are delivered in to a SC address.
Shipping for most print orders is $9 total.
Credit card payments will be charged 2.9% + $.30 additional just to cover exact processing fees. Personal checks are welcome to avoid any additional fees.

Optional prints to add on to your base digital package, or you can print your own.

Each sheet is a choice of 1 8x10, 2 5x7's, 3 4x6's or 8 wallets of a single pose. These are high quality photo lab printed on Kodak Professional Endura Paper.

  • Package 1 - 8 Sheets - $100
  • Package 2 - 10 Sheets - 1 16x20 - $150
  • Package 3 - 12 Sheets - 2 16x20 or 1 20x30 - $200
  • Package 4 - 20 Sheets - 2 16x20 or 1 20x30 - $275

Single Prints (I can do any possible size even if it's not listed here)
Extra Sheets $25 | 4x6 $12 | 5x7 $15 | 8x10 $25 | 11x14 $45 | 16x20 $65 | 20x30 $90 | 24x30 $95

I also offer print mounting. Choose from three popular material options; foamcore, matboard and gatorboard, as well as varying thicknesses including single weight, double weight, 3/16 inch and 1/2 inch. Mounting varies from about $8 to $100 depending on size and type. For example mounting a 16x20 on single weight matboard is a great option and only an additional $12. Please request a quote if desired.

Specialty Items

I work with a variety of different printing services, primarily Nations Photo Lab. If you are interested in any specialty items not listed below please contact me for a custom quote.

Photo Book Package - $500 leather cover with foil stamping or $550 with photo cover

Includes 10x10 20 Page Lay-Flat style photo book

This is a fun coffee table photo book. The example below is designed for guests to sign at a wedding reception, but it can be designed like a typical photo book as well. This is a lot higher quality than a typical photo book, the pages lay flat when the book is opened up and they are printed on nice thick acid free paper.

Here is the same type of book but with a leather instead of a photo cover - Leather can be black or mahogany
Picture of leather photo book

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Picture of Gallery Wrap
Picture of Gallery Wrap

Images from my Photo Lab

Your canvas is printed on archival quality canvas with a UV coating for added protection that is then stretched completely around the edges. Solid wood construction with tight 90 degree corners Arrives ready to hang with a completely finished black mat board, wall bumpers and a saw tooth or wire hanger. Prices listed are for .75 inch thickness, add $15 for 1.50 inch thickness.

  • 11x14 $120
  • 16x20 $150
  • 20x24 $170
  • 20x30 $200
  • 24x30 $220
  • 24x36 $250

Common Questions and Answers

What are Digital Copies and can I print from them?

The digital copies you receive as part of a package will include the majority of the pictures from your session in high resolution. These are suitable for large prints or whatever you would like to do with them. Many times I'm taking multiple shots of the same pose so I will pick the best couple from the series, or there could be a picture that just doesn't turn out and those won't be included. All the images provided will have been color corrected, adjusted and look very nice. If needed, you can select a few, like 5 or so depending on difficulty, that you would like specific touchups for example removing people from a background, face touchups, etc. even if you are only getting the digital copies. If you are ordering prints, any of those can have requested touchups if I can do them. See Photoshop touchups box below for more details.

In most cases I use a Microsoft service called OneDrive to deliver the pictures. OneDrive is a faster, easier and more environmentally friendly way of delivering your digital images without having to mail a CD. You can even share the link I send you with other family so they can download them as well. If your session is paid I will e-mail you a download link after I have finished the pictures.

You are allowed to print as many images from the digital files as you like, there is no copyright protection or watermarks. I will provide a copyright release form on request, this is required at some locations such as Wal-Mart.

What can be requested for Photoshop image touchups?

Sometimes Photoshop is thought of as something magic, that anything can be changed in a picture. Some of the tools in the latest Photoshop are pretty magical, but there are some limitations. All the images you will get have been adjusted in software called Lightroom, this allows me to adjust color and exposure and get the image looking really nice. That is all a lot of pictures need before printing. If they do need specific editing such as removing people from the background, then I have to go into Photoshop.

The important thing to keep in mind, when something is removed from an image, there is nothing behind it. For example if your hair is removed from in front of your eye, if I just remove the hair it's like taking scissors and cutting something out of picture, there is just a hole left. Anything that is under an area removed has to be recreated. What I have to do in Photoshop is clone, or copy one part of an image to another to recreate the missing area. If the hair is going across your forehead that is pretty easy, I just copy from right next to the hair and cover it up. If a small bit of hair is even going across an eye, I can carefully clone from other parts of the eye and cover it up. However, keeping this in mind, if a large section of the face is covered by hair it may be impossible to recreate what is underneath in a realistic way. The same is true for anything you want moved or removed from an image, anything under that spot has to be recreated so I have to have a similar spot to clone from. Please keep in mind the difficulty in doing this when making requests.

Also, I can take two images and combine them by taking heads from one and moving into another. Please realize though this can only be done if the poses are almost the same. I normally take 3 or 4 shots of each pose, so faces in two of these can be combined so you can't even tell, but not if the poses change significantly and people move too much.

How long do I have to purchase my images, how long will they be stored?

I now store a photo session for a minimum of 1 year (although I try to keep backups indefinitely but I don't guarantee it). If you wish to have copies of images after that you need to make sure you have downloaded your digital copies and you make your own backups.

What is the turn around time on a picture order?

The printing service I use has a fast turn around time, I've never had it take more than a week for a client to receive an order after I send it for printing. I can't guarantee a time but usually a couple of weeks, during my really busy times of the year when I have many orders it can take longer.

What should we wear to a beach session?

A family group needs to look unified for a good group portrait. The style and color of clothing really needs to coordinate. In fact some photographers view clothing harmony as the primary element in a fine family portrait. Clothes should be coordinated for color, tone, and style. For example, it's good for everyone to wear similar length sleeves, similar color shirts and pants, similar color shoes (or no shoes at the beach), and have a similar pattern if any on the clothing. A favorite look at the beach is a white or black T-Shirt and Khaki Pants or Blue Jeans. The color and texture of your clothes can be whatever you like, but try to make them match using the above suggestions if at all possible.

Why do you suggest the Myrtle Beach State Park?

The state park is a beautiful area with a lot of photography options. There are nice dunes, a pier, as well as areas with large oak trees. I now have 2 extra state park passes. If you prefer to meet me outside of the park and get the passes you are welcome too. I normally meet at the Wallerbears surf shop parking area just south of the park on business 17 if you need the passes.

You can put the following address in your GPS for the park address

Myrtle Beach State Park
4401 South Kings HWY
Myrtle Beach, SC 29575